About Us

One scholarship program.
Two exceptional campuses.
Unlimited opportunity.

The Brown Fellows Program, a premier four-year merit scholarship, was established by the James Graham Brown Foundation in partnership with Centre College and the University of Louisville. One program spanning two campuses, the Brown Fellows Program strives to create a network of higher education opportunities that will inspire even the brightest and most intellectually curious minds.

Brown Fellows are challenged to think differently, act compassionately, dream bigger, and reach further. What do the Fellows get in return? A “full ride plus,” where the “plus” catapults them into possibility:

  • The full ride: tuition, room and board, books, and associated fees are all covered
  • Lifelong bonding: connecting Fellows within campus cohorts and across campuses
  • Limitless opportunity: conferences, summer enrichment projects and networking events
  • Guidance: on-campus mentors
  • International experience: a group trip abroad
  • Giving back: leadership training and community service
  • Ambassadorship: unique “Kentucky Connection” curriculum takes students across the state to discover the Commonwealth
  • And more