Trip to Turkey Class of 2016 July 15 – 26th

The fourth class of Brown Fellows, filling the program to a capacity of 80, jetted off to Turkey for their first Brown Fellows Program international experience in July. Highlights included:

a private briefing at the United States Embassy in Ankara
a tour of Boğaziçi University, one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey
a visit to Çöp(m)adam, an NGO located in the city of Ayvalık which employs Turkish women to make handbags and other crafts out of garbage
Fellows also spent several days in Istanbul; explored the underground city of Kaymakli and the other-worldly rock formations of Cappadocia; toured the ancient ruins of Troy, Ephesus, Hierapolis and the Asklepion; and walked atop the vast salt deposits of Turkey’s Salt Lake. Each student gathered information and notes on a topic of his or her choice during the trip and completed a paper upon their return to the United States.

The Brown Fellows Program features a group international trip during the summer prior to freshman year such as this one, numerous academic and leadership activities over the course of four years, as well funding toward three individual summer enrichment projects. We look forward to following this, and each class, to their graduation and seeing how they will change the world.

Enrichment Trip to Turkey

Jessica Nelson – Abuja, Nigeria Enrichment Trip

In her first two years as a Brown Fellow, Jessica Nelson says she came to understand how vast, beautiful, and, at times, in need the world is. For her annual summer enrichment project through the Brown Fellows Program, she undertook a medical field internship in Chiang Mai, Thailand and volunteered in Abuja, Nigeria.

“Thailand has a healthcare system that is renowned in its part of the world as relatively successful. What I very quickly discovered, however, is it is extremely different from the American system because the Thai population is so very different from the American population,” Jessica said.

She noted how they do not self-diagnose or understand the importance of sanitation and healthy habits like nutrition and exercise. As an intern at Nong Haan Primary Care Unit, which serves 13 villages in Chian Mai, she learned how these things effects their healthcare system running differently than you and I are used to.

Jessica’s next stop was Abuja, Nigeria where she worked with Teachers Without Borders, learning how the city and society operate. “The Thai demographic is not entirely unlike the Nigerian. For this reason, I believe many of the principles I learned while working in the Thai healthcare system would likely work well in Nigeria” said Jessica. She hopes to take what she learned in both places and return to Nigeria to implement a program that will use education and preventative techniques to improve the medical situation in the areas outside of Abuja.

The Brown Fellows Program features a group international trip during the summer prior to freshman year, numerous academic and leadership activities over the course of four years, and funding toward three individual summer enrichment projects, such as Jessica’s. “I feel that I have learned an indescribable amount of things this summer, and with this new knowledge I am ready and excited to construct a project for next year.”

Jessica Nelson Nigeria

Cole Steber, South Africa Enrichment Trip

Cole Steber, Brown Fellows Class of 2013, travelled to Johannesburg and Knysna South Africa during his 2011 summer enrichment project, and returned as changed as the culture he hoped to improve. Working in everything from art to healthcare, the culture, people, and children were what this trip was all about.

A student at Centre College, Cole returned to Danville but continued his studies, completing a summer research project with monotropa uniflora. His project goes through monotropa uniflora characteristics, plant and fungus relationship, an explanation for variation, and a final progress report. The exploration of the medical field assisted Cole in his career decision making, and his scientific research helped teach how the scientific process works and a learned appreciation for nature and conservation all thanks to the Brown Fellows Program.

Cole Steber in South Africa

“From ‘good for nothing’ to successful entrepreneur.” Article by Brown Fellow, Michael Fryer

Catarina Yolanda Yac de Leon was born without her right arm. In school she was teased and taunted by other children; her disability made her feel that she was “good for nothing.” Once she was older, she decided to help her family earn a little extra income by making fajas, beaded belts that are part of the traje típico or traditional indigenous dress. With the limited money she had available, she could only afford to buy beads in very small quantities. Although sold by the ounce, the beads were never weighed exactly and she was often shortchanged.

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Article Source: Michael Fryer, FINCA

New class of Brown Fellows travels to Turkey

This academic year marks the fourth year the Brown Fellows Program has been in place at Centre—and the first year that Brown Fellows will be represented in every class. The program is funded through the generosity of the James Graham Brown Foundation.

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Article Source: Elizabeth Trollinger, Centre News

Brown Fellow, Alex Hurley ’14, researches at Carnegie Mellon with NSF

With school back in session at Centre, students who spent the summer doing internships and research are putting their experiences to good use. Alex Hurley ’14 knows that the time he spent in a lab this summer will benefit him immensely at Centre and beyond.

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Article source: Elizabeth Trollinger, Centre News

2012 Summer International Trip Set for Turkey

The Brown Fellows Class of 2016 will travel as a group to Turkey in July 2012. The newest class of Fellows, to be selected this spring, will learn more about the trip at their class orientation in June.

Article Featuring Brown Fellow Andrew Howard

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Article Featuring Brown Fellow Alex Hurley

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Freshmen Brown Fellows to be Published!

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