Fellows & Alumni

Our Fellows are, and have always been, some of the greatest thinkers, dreamers, and achievers. They come from across the country, from around the world, and from right here in Kentucky. They are hungry for knowledge, and they know that the best decision they ever made was to pursue an education unsurpassed in quality. They are always high achievers in their academic field, but they’re also compassionate, hard-working, and thoughtful.

Alumni of the Brown Fellows Program use these qualities to map their futures. Some stay at the University of Louisville to study medicine, while others travel as Fulbright and Rotary Scholars. Others pursue law at Emory, philosophy at Northwestern, or divinity at Harvard. And still more are leaders in political journalism, education, immigration policy, or business. Whatever our Fellows do after graduation, they’re equipped to design their own success.

Your time with the Brown Fellows Program doesn’t end with graduation. Alumni are always eager to mentor and network, and to offer a helping hand. FellowNet, the Brown Fellows networking site, provides a place to connect with Fellows from any class year and both schools. As a Fellow, you can reach out to any alumni and know that they will give you advice on your summer project, ideas for things to do in a new city, and support for all you do. They’re also happy to visit campus and meet, or talk to your class. Our alumni, like our current Fellows, have enormous pride in the Program. And their pride, like their numbers, only grows bigger.

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