Maddie Loney, U of L ’15 takes the world by storm

Maddie Loney
Brown Fellows take the world by storm after graduation–just ask Maddie Loney, UofL ’15: “After graduating from the University of Louisville in May 2015, I spent the summer abroad in Ibri, Oman with the U.S. State Department’s Critical Language Scholarship (CLS). Thanks to my previous enrichment projects in Nepal, I was more prepared to adapt to a completely different culture and quickly fell in love with Oman. Additionally, I was well-prepared for CLS’ intensive Arabic environment due to my most recent enrichment project studying a year of Arabic in one summer at the University of Texas. I am so grateful for the Brown Foundation’s support, both academic and financial, in every experience during my undergraduate career. With each enrichment project and study abroad made possible by the Brown Foundation, I became more adaptable, open, and curious about this enormous and incredible world.” (Maddie is center, wearing a black scarf.)