Matt Hughes (Centre ’16) talks Men’s Lacrosse

Matt Hughes (Centre ’16) talks Men’s Lacrosse SAA Tournament, traveling to 30 countries, grad. school in London & much more! Special thanks to Centre College Athletics for the info.

Congratulations to Zachary Herde – U of L ’16

Congratulations to Zachary Herde (U of L ’16), whose research on high-surface-area carbons has been accepted for presentation at Posters-at-the-Capitol on February 25, 2016. This event, which brings together some of the brightest undergraduates in the Read more here.

U of L Fellows on the radio

The Brown Fellows Program is featured on today’s episode of the U of L Today with Mark Hebert radio show! Follow the link to hear about the program and the experiences of Alice Darling (U of L ’17) and Eric Hahnert (U of L ’19). The Brown Fellows segment runs from 11:10 to 21:27 in the audio file.

Listen here.

Chris Bird, U of L ’18, heads to the White House

Congratulations to Chris Bird (U of L ’18), who will spend Spring 2016 as an intern at the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). Chris will spend his first Speed School co-op semester exploring the intersection between his interests in civil engineering and environmental policy as he works for the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Oversight Office, reviewing federal agencies’ compliance with NEPA and learning about the ways government offices must consider how their actions will affect the environment. Chris is the latest Brown Fellow to follow an interest in advocacy and activism to Washington, D.C. How– and where– will you pursue your interests to change the world?

Read more about the Council on Environmental Quality here.

Nathalie Tapolsky, U of L ’15, uses technology to change someone’s life…

Brown Fellows doing “really cool” things to make the world a better place: Nathalie Tapolsky (U of L ’15) was one of the graduate students who worked to create a bionic hand for a local boy.
Read more here.

Kate Spencer Leads Nation in Quarter Horseback Riding

Read more here.

Rachel Bischoff, Centre ’18, Reflects

Rachel Bishoff
Rachel Bischoff, Centre ’18, reflects, “As a Brown Fellow, I have met so many people who not only support my interest in acting, but also take it seriously as a craft that requires dedication and intelligence, and consider it meaningful as a platform of artistic expression. Through the Brown Fellows Program, I am given the chance to explore my passion for theatre in a way that most young actors are unable to do. The opportunity to have two summer enrichment projects in which I can intensively study acting to assist in pursuing my career goals is invaluable as a dramatic arts student. Overall, however, I am thankful to be surrounded by peers and mentors who support my passions full-heartedly and give me the chance to study what I love without apology.”
(photo from Centre’s production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, 2015.)

Maddie Loney, U of L ’15 takes the world by storm

Maddie Loney
Brown Fellows take the world by storm after graduation–just ask Maddie Loney, UofL ’15: “After graduating from the University of Louisville in May 2015, I spent the summer abroad in Ibri, Oman with the U.S. State Department’s Critical Language Scholarship (CLS). Thanks to my previous enrichment projects in Nepal, I was more prepared to adapt to a completely different culture and quickly fell in love with Oman. Additionally, I was well-prepared for CLS’ intensive Arabic environment due to my most recent enrichment project studying a year of Arabic in one summer at the University of Texas. I am so grateful for the Brown Foundation’s support, both academic and financial, in every experience during my undergraduate career. With each enrichment project and study abroad made possible by the Brown Foundation, I became more adaptable, open, and curious about this enormous and incredible world.” (Maddie is center, wearing a black scarf.)

Jessica Eaton, U of L ’13, presented at Research!Louisville

Jessica Eaton
Brown Fellows use their exceptional undergraduate experiences to develop their interests and prepare for careers that will change the world. Jessica Eaton (U of L ’13) traveled to Thailand, Nigeria, and India to work on public health projects as an undergraduate. Now in her third year of medical school, her research– recently presented at Research!Louisville– explores surgery in the context of global health, with the ultimate goal of using the data collected to find out which approaches work best.

Undergraduate Scholarship Program Administrators Association (USPAA) Scholar Summit

Katherine O'Nan and Chris Bird
In October, four Brown Fellows traveled to Omaha, NE, for the annual Undergraduate Scholarship Program Administrators Association (USPAA) Scholar Summit. Katherine O’Nan and Chris Bird (U of L ’18, pictured), Cesar Garcia (Centre ’18), and Imogene Robinson (Centre ’17) spent two days interacting with top students from across the country and learning about their experiences in other full-ride-plus programs. In addition to bringing back ideas to enrich the Brown Fellows Program and making connections with students and programs around the country, the Fellows also gained an appreciation for the unique opportunities that the program offers.