The Program

Being a Brown Fellow means much more than having a full ride. It means an education that molds you into the person you want to become, where the world is your classroom and opportunities are boundless.

The Power of Two Campuses
Unique in its handling of one scholarship across two schools, the Brown Fellows Program utilizes the resources of both to create an unforgettable collegiate experience. Students at the University of Louisville attend a large, urban, public research university with access to a wide variety of programs in the humanities, engineering, business, medicine, law, and more. Students at Centre College attend a small, rural, private liberal arts college that ranks among the nation’s best. By creating numerous chances for Fellows of both schools and all class years to intermingle, the Program builds lifelong friendships and encourages a dynamic exchange of ideas.

The Chance to Learn from Others
All Fellows receive an advisor specific to their Brown Fellows class and school. Advisors hold regular class meetings, help Fellows plan summer projects, and act as mentors. Advisors also instruct their Fellows on conference opportunities, since the Program funds two conference visits of a Fellow’s choice during his or her junior and senior years.

Beyond campus, Kentucky Connection fieldtrips take all Fellows to a different part of the state one weekend every semester (for a total of eight locations/trips during four years of college). Wherever they go, Fellows meet local leaders, learn about the region, and grow to comprehend the complexities and splendors of Kentucky. This on-site education helps Fellows become ambassadors for the Bluegrass: whether they stay in-state or depart after college, Fellows will possess a unique understanding of Kentucky that they can share with the world.

Each spring, all Fellows meet in Louisville for LINC—the Leadership, Initiative, and Networking Conference, where Fellows learn about life after college. During this dinner, alumni discuss their journeys, Louisville leaders discuss their successes, and a key-note speaker discusses what it truly means to lead. The Fellows network with professionals eager to offer connections and lessons.

The Freedom to Discover
A full ride, covering tuition, room and board, books, and associated fees, liberates Fellows to follow their dreams. Funding for two enrichment projects—the summers before junior and senior years—further allows Fellows to pursue their goals, as projects are limited only by imagination. Past projects include medical work in Ecuador, a publishing internship in Washington, engineering work at NASA, an archeological dig in Jerusalem, language instruction in Nepal, and, well, more. Much more. Fellows share their experiences and discoveries during the fall’s annual Symposium.

The summer before freshman year, all new Fellows meet for a week of leadership training at Centre, followed by a week at the University of Louisville performing service work throughout the city. These weeks create a solid foundation for the Fellows’ next four years and prepare them for their two weeks together the next summer, during their group experience abroad. This fully funded trip is a highlight of the Program, and Fellows learn how to live as scholars and leaders in an international world.